Aynor, S.C. Police Officer Wayne Llewellyn acts of kindness go viral

December 29, 2015 Aynor, S.C. is a small place with a population of less than 1,000 residents. One of  their Police officers happens to be Wayne Llewellyn and he is the type of man who pays it forward. His acts of kindness are beginning to get some notice.

At the end of November of this year Officer Llewellyn made some news when he was on his way to work. He had notices a couple of boys playing catch with a pine cone.

He was on his way to work but figured he could afford to be a little late. He went to a local store and bought the boys a football and returned to the house and spoke with the mother who had received him at the door.

The officer asked to talk to the two boys and the mother DiNedra Smith got them for the Officer. The boys were presented with a new Football to play with. The boys, Christian, 8, David, 5, and Christopher, 4, were very appreciative of the gift.

The reason that the Officer decided to buy the ball for the kids according to his interview with WMBF was “You see children out in the yard, you don’t see it often in this day and time with technology,” he said. “So you see them with a pine cone, it bothered me a lot.”  “They can just treasure this and enjoy it. Hopefully they can get a lot out of it,” Officer Llewellyn said.

As for the interaction between the Officer and her children DiNedra Smith said “You worry about that all the time like, ok, I’m raising kids and the things that you’re hearing and what’s going on in society already, I feel like that was the perfect first impression of them and an officer,”

That act of kindness in itself would warrant some attention and it did get several thousand likes on facebook alone. However Officer Llewellyn appears to be the kid of guy that just keeps paying it forward.

More recently a family that was traveling from North Carolina for a vacation started having vehicle trouble. The Somers family thought that they would be having quite a bit of difficulty just making it to safety with the vehicle they were traveling in and John Somers told his kids to start praying for amiracle as they pulled into a local McDonald’s at 11:00.

Officer Llewellyn showed up as if an answer to those prayers. He offered his own vehicle to the Somers family to use at their disposal to haul their things around while they waited for their vehicle to be repaired.

John Somers was so taken with the act of kindness that he contacted the local news stations (WMBF) to make it known what type of Officer that they had working for them. He posted on his facebook wall:

The same Aynor,SC police officer who helped my family out on Saturday night, recently shared his kindness with another family just a few weeks earlier.

I didn’t want officer Llewelyn’s generosity to go unnoticed, so I made a few calls to the local news and they decide to do a story about what happened.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where such acts of kindness are very few and far between. This experience has left me with a very different perspective on life and how we should treat others and just simply help those in times of need or unfortunate circumstances. My hope is that officer Llewelyn’s family is blessed many times over for helping me and my family. Also, I hope that someone’s else’s life might be changed by reading this story.

Officer Llewellyn just likes helping people and paying it forward. It would seem that he is a true “Blue Blood”

 Aynor Officer Wayne Llewellyn that was posted to Facebook.
Aynor Officer Wayne Llewellyn that was posted to Facebook.
Photo Credit: DiNedra Smith


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