Charlotte County, Fl. Deputy Luke Adamchik compassion makes him a hero

December 22, 2015 Charlotte County, Fl A motor vehicle accident in the Kings Highway Walmart brought out the best in Deputy Luke Adamchik when he showed the compassion he had for a 78 year old woman who had been pinned by a vehicle that had struck her in a parking lot.

As the woman laid under the vehicle with just her legs sticking out, the Deputy could hear her screaming. The intense heat from the vehicle underneath was burning her.

“You feel pretty helpless at that point cause she is screaming and saying it hurts, she’s burning,” Deputy Adamchik told NBC-2.

Deputy Adamchik crawled under the vehicle to be with the woman and comfort her. He talked to her trying to keep her calm and listening to her to gather as much information about her injuries as he could.

The Deputy realized that the woman’s flesh was on the exhaust pipe and removed his glove and placed his hand over her face to keep her from being further burned using his own hand as a barrier.

The Deputy told NBC-2 “It feels good knowing that you helped somebody. You didn’t necessarily save her life, but you comforted her in that terrifying moment she was in,” said Deputy Adamchik.

Charlotte County, Fl.  Deputy Luke Adamchik
Charlotte County, Fl. Deputy Luke Adamchik
Photo Credit: NBC-2

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