Pickens County, Ga. Hispanic man claims Deputies racially profiled him for arrest, dash camera footage says different

December 27, 2015 Pickens, County, Ga. A Hispanic man from Fulton County Ga. reported that Deputies from Pickens County racially profiled him and his brothers for arrest back in November of 2014. The Sheriff’s Department has investigated the incident and finally released the dash cam video of the incident which disputes the mans claim.

According to reports from CBS46 and The Daily Wire 5 Hispanic men in a vehicle were pulled over for speeding by Officers and 3 were arrested after the traffic stop went from being mundane to extraordinary.

The Officer pulled over the vehicle and camera footage shows the driver exiting the vehicle after giving the officer improper information regarding his true identity. The man had given a false name and false drivers license to the officer which prompted the arrest to begin with. When the Officer attempts to place the Hispanic man under arrest the man then resists.

A scuffle begins and another male exits the vehicle. Other officers arrive and assist in making the arrest. During the arrests, people from the vehicle can be seen running from the vehicle and resisting their arrest through out the footage.

An officer claimed that one of the males jumped on his back while he was attempting to make an arrest of one of the occupants.

The Sheriff’s department has yet to make a full disclosure on the incident however the video itself is very telling and does not match what the driver of the vehicle states happened.

Clearly the driver was resisting his arrest and the passengers of the vehicle were putting the officer in a dangerous position.

According to The Daily Wire “Officers arrested three of the men, with one of them fleeing the seen. The status of the fifth was still being inquired about by the local station.”

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