Rialto, Ca. Police Officer V. Herrera pays it forward

December 21, 2015 Rialto, Ca. Officer V. Herrera was dispatched to check the welfare of a person who was sitting in a car. He found a 66 year old woman who had been living in the vehicle but she was unharmed she just had no place to go and no source of income. He had a quiet chat with her then left, for a short while.

The woman who wanted to remain nameless contacted IECN news and tell her story stated that Officer V. Herrera returned about 15 minutes later and handed her some money. She was very grateful to just have some cash.

When he left she looked and to her utter surprise she found that he had handed her $100.00.

IECN stated: On behalf of the “homeless 66-year-old woman living in her car” and the IECN team, Rialto police Ofc. Victor Herrera, thank you for spreading Christmas cheer and making this holiday one to remember.

Rialto, Ca. Police Officer Victor Herrera
Rialto, Ca. Police Officer Victor Herrera

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