Philadelphia, Pa. Police Officers save man on the road during first month on the job

December 26, 2015 Philadelphia, Pa. Police Officers Chris Bleum and James Alderfer just three weeks out of the Academy were working under the supervision of Field Training officer Eugene Donahue on the street when they became involved in a life threatening situation.

They were stopped by citizens who told them ““They waved us down and said ‘there’s a guy in a car not breathing,’ Officer Donahue  recalled for NBC10 news.

The two new Officers immediately rushed to the mans aid and checked him. They found him behind the wheel of his vehicle slumped over and unresponsive. They pulled him from the vehicle and followed all the procedures that they had been instructed on in the academy. They then began C.P.R. on him. A camera crew from NBC10  was on the scene and caught parts of the incident as it unfolded.

“I started feeling a heartbeat, because I was on the chest,” said Alderfer.  “We finally got his pulse back and he started breathing on his own,” said Donahue.

“it’s not the academy any more, this is real life, this is our jobs,” said Alderfer.

The victim is expected to survive and the officers are expecting to continue protecting and serving after their pre-Christmas save.

“It’s the reason we took the job to help people,” said Alderfer. “In the simplest form policing is public servants, it’s what we do. The fact we were able to do something, and to think we helped save a life, there’s nothing better than that.”

Police Officers Chris Bleum and James Alderfer
Police Officers Chris Bleum and James Alderfer
Photo Credit: NBC10

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