North Port, Fl. Operation Santa Surprise shows the spirit of Christmas

December 23, 2015 North Port, Fl. Officers from The North Port Police Department found their own “Nice” list by using a World War II veteran Bill Greenham who is 89 years old with a plan at a local Wal-Mart.

Greenham stood outside the Wal-Mart with his cane and would drop something as passerby’s approached. If they helped him pick up the items that he had dropped they made it to the “nice” list. Parts of the operation were filmed by the North Port Police Department and made it to Fox13 news.

Once the “nice” people had done their good deed a plain clothes Police officer from the North Port Police Department approached them and would talk to them and ask them what they wanted for Christmas. Thankfully he found some very deserving and needy people. One such person was a young man named Philip.

Philip who was 9 years old and celebrating his birthday wasn’t getting any presents according to his mother. They really couldn’t afford anything but were able to just have his glasses fixed. the officer said that Santa was inside and asked Philip what he wanted for Christmas. Philip said he had really wanted a skateboard.

Quick as a flash volunteers raced through the store and found Philip a Skateboard, wrapped it and delivered it to Philip bringing tears to his mothers eyes. Bill Greenham consoled Philips mother as she tearfully said what a hard time she had been having and he told her it would all work out.

Philip was very happy that some Christmas magic had been made possible stating it wouldn’t be Christmas without a present.

Money to buy the presents was donated by local businesses. Officers asked people to pay the good deeds forward to others.

North Port Police asked to be notified of any people who are having impact paying it forward in their communities in their video of “Operation Santa Surprise” which is shared here.

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