Jefferson County, Co. Sheriff”s Deputy C. Jann shows compassion while doing his duty

December 26, 2015 The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office recognized Deputy C. Jann not only for doing his duty but for having compassion for two suspects while doing so. Deputy Jann took an unruly subject many officers would have become frustrated with and turned it around to a positive situation to be remembered.

The incident was posted on the Departments facebook page but illustrates the techniques that the Wide Blue Line has been featuring in Community Policing right along.  Here is what the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office posted:

Every day we encounter people going through a variety of life-changing situations. Sometimes we arrest them as part of our job keeping the community safe. Other times, we recognize that they need help and we do our best to see that they get it.

This week Deputy C. Jann encountered just such a situation when he responded to a Littleton store for a report of an adult male and teenager stealing two sub sandwiches from the deli. They were stopped by a loss prevention officer, but when Deputy Jann tried to speak with the teenager, he became unruly and cursed at him.

But after a few minutes of talking with Deputy Jann, the teen calmed down, apologized and said he was starving. The other male also told Deputy Jann that he knew what they’d done was stupid, but that he just wanted something to eat.

After speaking with the teen’s mother by phone, Deputy Jann informed them that he’d have to issue both of them a summons for the theft, but he then did something else he didn’t have to do.

He bought them both a sub sandwich. It may be a small thing to some, but it was definitely an act of kindness these men will appreciate.

We share this story with our community not because Deputy Jann told us. In fact, he told the few people who knew of his kind act not to say anything, but we feel it’s important to show people the type of deputies they have working for them in Jefferson County as well as shine a light on the good deeds law enforcement does every day in this country that no one ever knows hears about.

Thank you, Deputy Jann, for your kindness, and for making our community a better place for all of us.

Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Deputy Jann
Jefferson County Sheriffs Office Deputy Jann

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