Oklahoma City, Ok. Police Lt. Mike Jackson and Detective Files recover special trike for disabled child and then some

December 21, 2015 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma A child is always attached to their toys. But A special needs child can be devastated without their toy since it is also a developmental tool. Brianna Searcy who is stricken with Dravet Syndrome had her tricycle which she uses for therapy stolen by a teenager.

Dravet Syndrome can not be treated with drugs or other means and is life threatening.

The teenager was seen by Brianna’s mother Tammy stealing the Tricycle and she video taped it then called the Police.  The Police were able to arrest the teen who stole the trike and did recover it however it was damaged beyond repair.

Tammy Told KFOR “They damaged the bike pretty badly. They bent the frame and the cable that makes it so she can actually ride, it was almost busted in two from the chain linked fence,”

These special Tricycles cost bewteen $3,500 and -$5,000. new and Tammy was told that it would be less expensive to buy a new one than to fix the one that had been damaged. However the Officers were not so easy to give up on the damaged item and let Brianna be without her therapy.

“They went above what their jobs require out of their own pockets and their own time,” Tammy said.

Lt. Jackson who has a special needs child of his own saw the importance of making sure that Brianna had her tricycle back. Which is just one reason that he and Detective Files made sure that they had it operable before personally returning it to Brianna.

“Her mom said you could hear her squealing down the road because she was riding it again, and that makes it worthwhile,”said Lt. Jackson.

Lt. Jackson Detective Files Brianna Searcy and her mom Tammy
Lt. Jackson Detective Files Brianna Searcy and her mom Tammy

Photo Capture:KFOR



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