Arlington, Texas Lt. Chris Cook pays a gift forward to family in need

December 23, 2105 Arlington, Tx. While Lt. Chris Cook was sitting in his Patrol car he was startled by a woman who walked up to his vehicle and said “’I hope I’m not startling you,’” ‘Merry Christmas!’” recounted Cook to 5NBCDFW. “’We pray for you daily.’” as she slipped a $100.00 bill through his drivers window. The woman left quickly and got into her SUV before Lt. Cook could say anything.

Lt. Cook wasn’t about to keep the $100.00 as it is against department policy, but decided that he knows of a family from the departments facebook page that was just robbed of their possessions that he will be donating the money to.

Lt. Cook was surprised and very grateful for the gesture and stated “You know, I’ve been in law enforcement for 20 years and never experienced anything like that,” “There’s people out there that just genuinely care,”

“That’s what I would tell her – thank you so much,” said Cook. “You didn’t just impact my life.”

Arlington Tx Police Department Lt. Chris Cook
Arlington Tx Police Department Lt. Chris Cook

Photo Credit: 5NBCDFW

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