Omaha, Neb. Two offices FTO and Rookie on his first day save save 5 from burning house

December 21, 2015 Omaha, Neb. A recruits first day on  the job is always exciting, but perhaps not as exciting as the first day of Patrol Officer Anthony Abboud of the Omaha Police Department. While riding with his Field Training Officer (F.T.O. ) going to assist in a foot pursuit with other officers they quickly responded to a house fire that his Sr. Officer Robbie Goering-Jensen saw.

When the two officers arrived Officer Goering-Jensen ran to the burning building and grabbed Robert Damper, 84 from the structure and brought him from harm. The Officer then went back inside for Gregory, 57 who has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair.

The thick smoke was stifling and the officer was hoping that Firefighters with proper equipment would arrive to re-enter the building however he heard more screams from inside so he went inside again to retrieve Lula, 83.

“In all honesty, I did have some internal struggle with it,” Goering-Jensen said. “But hearing that lady call for help in the back bedroom is what got me to go back in the third time.” He told

The other two occupants Richard, 60, and Cedric, 56 were able to make it to the garage through the thick smoke that was reportedly making vision so obscure that you could only see 2 – 3 feet.  They were assisted out by Officers as well.

“I didn’t think it was going to be the first day,”Abboud said. “But, like I said, Robbie deserves all the credit. I just tried to do everything that he told me.”

“Someone needed our help, and we were there and I had the training to be able to help them,” Goering-Jensen said.

In a release Sunday afternoon, OFD officials said the fire was accidentally started. Investigators said a closet light touched clothes, sparking the fire.

“This is the day you live for and it was a very surreal day,” Abboud said.

Officers Robbie Goering-Jensen  and new recruit Officer Anthony Abboud
Officers Robbie Goering-Jensen and new recruit Officer Anthony Abboud

Photo Credit: KETV

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