Omaha, Neb. Officer Jim Barnes saves man from burning home

December 21, 2015 Omaha, Neb. James Graffeo was asleep in his basement when he heard a loud boom inside his home.  he attemptedto get out of his home by escaping to an upper level of the home and was met by flames. He grabbed his dog and tried getting out of a basement window and passed out. He would have perished had it not been for Officer Jim Barnes.

Barnes saw the fire and rushed to aid anyone who was victim. He saw Graffeo’s arm sticking out of a small basement window where the man had attempted to escape from and pulled him to safety.

The entire house was a loss as reported by KETV,


The Graffeo family has suffered a great deal of loss already this year having lost a family member (son) already this year and were so very thankful that Officer Barnes was there to save James.

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to assist the family if anyone is so inclined to donate it can be found here

Officer Jim Barnes
Officer Jim Barnes
Photo Credit: KETV

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