N.Y.N.Y. 2 NYPD Heroes save two hero brothers

December 19, 2015 N.Y.N.Y. Around 2 A.M. Two NYPD officers were responding to a domestic disturbance when they had t o take evasive action with the patrol car they were driving to avoid striking a bicyclist in the roadway. The Officers emergency vehicle wrecked and caught fire. The two officers were trapped in the burning vehicle. Luckily another unit was close.


The NY Post reported that Lt. Manwaring and his partner, Police Officer Cedano were close by and responded to the scene where they were able to extricate the two officers from the burning vehicle where they had been trapped just before the vehicle’s drivers compartment caught fire.

“If he and his partner didn’t show up that quickly and take them out of the vehicle, then they could’ve been badly burned or dead,” a police source said.

The two Officers were transported to Kings County Hospital where they were treated and released.

H/T  Always Actions

Video Credit: Always Actions

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