Goddard, Ks. Police Officer Trudi Randolph & community help out Arkansas Family of 4

Goddard, Ks. Police Officer Trudi Randolph & community help out Arkansas Family of 4

December 19, 2015 On December 16, 2015 A family of 4 had been visiting a Goddard, Kansas lake known as Lake Afton in their RV. When leaving the park the vehicle experienced catastrophic failure when a tire came off sheering bolts off the wheel.  Officer Trudi Randolph went to check back on the family the next day.

She had found that the family was unable to have the vehicle fixed yet and started asking people that she had been working with as a School resource officer of they could help. Randolph has been with the Goddard school district’s police force for 17 years and asked the district’s mechanic if he would be able to help the stranded family and repair the vehicle.

He stated that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the vehicle on the street and that it would need to be towed to a proper site where it could be repaired. Such a facility would have to be able to lift the vehicle for the repair to take place. The towing of the vehicle would cost between $300 and $400.

According to Kansas.com The Goddard Lions Club offered to pay for the tow, and the mechanic “opened his wallet and took out a credit card – he didn’t even bat an eye that it was going to be $350,” Randolph said.

However in the end Arrow Wrecker Service ended up providing the two for free according to Randolph.

Between some salvaged parts and spare tires that were found the RV was repaired overnight and the family was back on the road.

Officer Randolph motivated a whole town to pay it forward.

Goddard Ks Officer Trudi Randolph
Goddard, Ks. Police Officer Trudi Randolph motivated a Town to Pay it forward
Photo Credit: Kansas.Com


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