Denver, Co. Blood Drive honoring two Denver Officers injured on duty draws great support

On December 2, 2015 Two Denver Police Officers were shot on duty, Officer John Ruddy, and Officer Tony Lopez Jr. in separate incidents. Both officers were shot several times and were in life threatening situations that required surgeries and life sustaining blood. Blood bank supplies were stretched to the limits as one officer lost nearly all his own blood.

A community blood drive was started in the two officers names and has been widely successful with about 100 people donating blood that is now needed.

According to 9News Officer Lopes’s father Tony Lopez, Sr. is a commander of the Denver Police Department and he as well as Police Chief Robert C. White donated blood during the drive as well.

Lopez Sr. said “He received a lot of blood, I think they told me, that he pretty much emptied out all the blood he had,” said Commander Lopez Sr., about his son. “So this is a very important event. I think it’s an opportunity to save a life, and to be honest with you I haven’t been very good about giving blood, but from this point forward, I made my son a promise that I’d keep my bullet proof vest and we’d donate blood, so I’m here to do that today.”

“I can tell you that we are pretty much blown away by all the support,” said Lopez Sr. “We are just taken aback from all the love and support and the thousands of prayers that we’ve received as a family. We truly believe that that’s made the difference in our son’s life.”

Those who wish to donate in his honor can call 303-363-2300 or make an appointment at one of Bonfils’ six community donor centers. Mention group code No. 7281.

Officer Lopez has finally taken his first steps after being wounded and announcements have been made that he and his wife are expecting a child.

Officer Ruddy is recovering as well.


Denver blood drive to support Denver Police Officers who were shot on duty
Denver blood drive to support Denver Police Officers who were shot on duty

Photo Credit: 9News


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