NYSP Trooper gives a kid a break and new found respect is appreciated

On December 14 at 2:30am · Delvon Bullock Wrote on his facebook wall about his encounter with a NYS Trooper. It was remarkable to him because he was a black male being pulled over by a white Trooper and he believed everything he had seen in the media. We were not surprised, yet it is great that he posted what he did and well worth the share. His words are pure gold.

I would like to give a special thanks to NYSP Trooper Terry Countryman for giving me a break tonight for speeding!

” This is why Racial Stereotyping should End”

I’ve seen a lot of stories on the internet lately about Troopers being cruel and looking to screw black people over. first let me say that Not all Troopers are bad and not all Troopers are looking to screw people over just because of their ethnicity! I am a Black American man and tonight I was pulled over by a White American State Trooper for speeding which I was fully aware of. The officer walked to my window and asked for my license and registration. I had already grabbed my license and registration before the Trooper walked to my car and I handed it to him. Shortly after the trooper asked me, “do you know why I pulled you over”? I respectfully told the officer that it was because I was speeding. The officer proceeded to ask me, “where are you headed in such a hurry”? Without beating around the bush and telling a bs story I straight up told him that I was trying to make it to work on time and I had just got back from doing a little Christmas shopping for the kid that i have custody of. The trooper asked me if I had any outstanding warrants or any tickets before he ran my license and registration through the system. I was truthful and I told him that I did not. He told me to wait in the car while he ran my information through the system. Due to all of the things I’ve seen on the media relating to White American Troopers treating African Americans cruel I could not stop myself from thinking that I most definitely will receive a nice healthy ticket after doing all of my Christmas shopping. Needless to say I was wrong! I knew that I was wrong for speeding and that I most definitely deserved a ticket. I waited patiently in my car for the Trooper to return to my vehicle with a nice and healthy ticket but instead the Trooper returned to my car and said I am not going to give you a ticket for two reasons. The first reason is that you were truthful and the second reason is that you were respectful. My lesson of the day that I’d like to share with all of my friends is that honesty and respect makes things so much easier on you. Instead of judging a Law enforcement officer based on what you see in the media try being honest and respectful. I’m not saying that you will not receive a ticket because if you are speeding then you should understand that you deserve a ticket. Im simply saying that if you’re honest and respectful then the odds of you getting a ticket will be greatly reduced! Please like and share! Take care everyone! God Bless you all!

NYSP Trooper Terry Countryman and Delvon Bullock
NYSP Trooper Terry Countryman and Delvon Bullock

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