Conyers, Ga. Police Officer Paul Bernichon goes above and beyond helping a vet

December 18, 2015 Coners, Ga. A man by the name of Stephen Roszelle who is a former U.S. Air Force Security Specialist has had a run of bad luck. A tragedy that took his wife’s life, alcoholism, deep depression and most recently he was facing eviction from his long term residence. Thankfully the 911 calls that were handled in Conyers, Ga. were by a very compassionate Officer named Paul Bernicon who went above and beyond to help the vet who proudly served our country.

Officers from the Conyers Police Department were becoming all to familiar with Stephen Roszelle and were facing the possibility of arresting him for the constant string of 911 calls that were being placed returning them to him. But Officer Bernichon  realized that there might be another way.

Having had experience with the Georgia War Veterans Home he thought that the agency might be a place that could assist Roszelle and he took it upon himself to help the veteran rather than arrest him.

The two men began working together to get the necessary paperwork together in October to get Roszelle situated in the War Veterans home where he could get help, treatment and a place to live and a new beginning. The process was daunting and required many contacts both in person and by telephone to continue the process in getting Roszelle accepted into the home.

However things became even more desperate for Roszelle. His rent where he was already staying had increased. He could no longer afford a phone and Bernichon had no way to contact him. The Officer started searching for him on the streets until he found him. The officer did in fact find him and paid for two months of phone service out of his own pocket to ensure that Roszelle was available for the War Veterans Home to contact him when they needed to as well as the officer to help Roszelle get placed.

Eventually all the hard work paid off. On December 15, 2015  Roszelle was accepted into  the home and was finally given his fresh start thanks to the efforts and continued dedication to him of Officer Bernichon who would not give up. The officer picked him up and drove him there personally in a Police cruiser.

As reported by OnCommonGroundNews The Officer stated: “I helped him because it’s the right thing to do.  Our Government made a promise to take care of these veterans, and I felt it to be my duty to ensure it happened,” said Bernichon.  “Taking Mr. Roszelle to jail would not solve the problem. It would only remove him temporarily.  Placing him in a care facility treats his issues, and improves his life.”

Officer Bernichon and Stephen  Roszell had a celebratory breakfast together at Cracker Barrel
Officer Bernichon and Stephen Roszell had a celebratory breakfast together at Cracker Barrel
Photo Credit: OnCommonGroundNews


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