St. Albans, W.Va. Sgt. Phillip Bass – warrior, guardian, babysitter – “Officer”

December 14, 2015 St. Albans, West Virginia Officers responded to a shoplifting call at Krogers store but what they got was something quite unexpected that has received quite a bit of attention.  The initial call was for the theft of Christmas trees but when officers arrived there were more problems. both big and small.

According to Sgt. Bass “One of the employees came out and said ‘hey we’ve got a problem inside. We have a lady, she’s been in the bathroom about 20 minutes, she has a baby with her, she could hear her screaming at the baby,”

“The lady let us in the bathroom and then we saw her, and this little baby, she was sitting in a buggy with a baby bottle of Dr. Pepper,” Bass said. “And she said, well I didn’t have anything else to give her! And I said, ‘Well, you’re in Kroger!”

“Some obvious signs of drugs around, there were some pills, a lot of pills visible,” said Police Captain James Agee.  The woman who is named Donnyell Harrison , who is not the baby’s mother, was arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute.

Naturally the Officers took custody of the child immediately and brought the child back to the station house with them.  They contacted Child Protective Services to come and take the child but it was several hours before someone could come and take custody of the child. Until that time the officers took charge of her.

Sgt. Bass who is the father of three children himself was a natural selection to care for the child stating “Gonna have to be dad and take care of the child,” Bass said. “It’s really heartbreaking, especially for that baby.”

Officers bought small toys for the little girl, and other officers helped by buying diapers and baby food.

The baby’s mom is being held at the South Central Regional Jail, leaving her child in the care of another woman, who then passed the baby on to Harrison, according to a news release.

“To me, the heroes are really are the foster parents who take these kids,” Bass said. “Sometimes we’re a warrior, sometimes we’re a guardian, sometimes we’re a babysitter.”

The following Photo was taken of Bass holding the baby which has since gone viral

Sgt. P.A. Bass and the child found crying a Kroger bathroom
Sgt. P.A. Bass and the child found crying a Kroger bathroom
Photo Credit: WOWKTV


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