Terre Haute, In. Officer Scott Brown helps homeless couple

Terre Haute, In. Officer Scott Brown helps homeless couple

A couple who have been together  25 years has fallen on hard times. For the past 7 months they have been living in the back of their car due to loss of work and medical bills.

Lieutenant Scott Brown learned of the couple as a possible domestic call but when he arrived he found something much different. He found the couple in desperate need of assistance.

What he was able to do for them was provide them with some food, a tankful of gasoline and $100.00.

It meant the world to the couple. Sergio Caruso and Mary Ohl spoke with WTHITV10 and said “Even to this day I just get choked up thinking about what he did for us and I just want everybody to know. That there are good people out there,”

Lieutenant Brown said of the couple “They needed a little help so we put some gas in there, got them a little food, gave them a little cash and hopefully you know things will be better for them,” he added “You know tomorrow you just never know what it’s going to be for anybody really. So I think it’s important we help each other the best we can,”

“Your kindness is so deeply appreciated and that through you doing what you’ve done for us I hope that we can return the favor to someone else. Kind of pass it on, pay it forward,” Ohl said.

“People need to know that there are people out there that are good wholesome people that they do care about just perfectly strangers like us that they don’t even know. I just thank you, Scott, and God bless you,” Caruso said.

Sergio Caruso Terre Haute In
Sergio Caruso Terre Haute, In.

Photo Credit: WTHITV10

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