San Francisco, Ca. Officer Ryan Crockett pays it forward daily

San Francisco, Ca. Officer Ryan Crockett as gotten attention for what he does on a normal day, everyday.

Officer Ryan Crockett who patrols the Golden Gate Park finds the area a place where he can do a lot of good paying it forward to the homeless. Normally handing out food to the homeless but now he finds that other items are in much higher in demand. In warmer weather Crockett brings food to people. But as the weather is getting colder the socks and blankets are in greater need right now.

“A guy that I’ll usually help out with a cheeseburger in the morning, I gave him a pair of socks today, and I got a ‘Woohoo,’” Officer Ryan Crockett said. “Usually, I just get a ‘Thank you.’”

Officer Crockett has been handing out warm socks among other things. WISHTV8 followed the Officer as he distributed his gifts to the homeless through the park. Crockett delivered socks that he paid for with his own money, he also had the back of his patrol vehicle filled with warm blankets that he handed out.

“It means I’ll be warm at night instead of shivering all night” Said one grateful recipient.

Officer Crockett said “Just doing a good daily, that’s what I like to do. And if I can’t do a good deed daily, I failed at that day.”

“I think a clean pair of socks goes farther than anything,” Crockett said. “It is worth its weight in gold to them.”

“It makes you feel like a human (and not a piece of) road waste…,” said Andy, a homeless man who only revealed his first name. “Touches my heart.”

Crockett spends his own money to buy these gifts, his most recent purchase cost him about $100.00. He stated that he got more socks when his brother brought 4 suitcases worth back from China for him to distribute. Then he was able to distribute about 500 pair of socks to the homeless.

San Francisco Officer Ryan Crockett at his Patrol vehicle with blankets for the Homeless
San Francisco Officer Ryan Crockett at his Patrol vehicle with blankets for the Homeless
Photo Credit: WISHTV8

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