Florida State Police, Trooper Terence Hicks Pays it forward to stranded traveler

Florida State Police, Trooper Terence Hicks Pays it forward to stranded traveler

On December 6, 2015 in a Miami, Florida Bus Station a 25 year old man was stranded. After visiting Florida he had lost his wallet and other belongings and all he had left was about $25.00. It was far from the $120.00 he needed to return to his home in Georgia. In his time of crisis he turned to a Florida State Trooper who was stationed in the bus terminal.

The young man approached the Trooper and explained to him that he had lost all his belongings. Left without a credit card, cell phone and not enough cash to get home he was in a bad position.

The Trooper after hearing of the man’s situation without hesitation reached into his wallet and gave the stranded traveler $120.00 to purchase the ticket to return to Georgia.

The man was never able to learn the Troopers name because the Trooper told him “that if the roles were reversed and he found himself stranded in Georgia, he would want someone to help him get back to Miami.”

However the man upon returning home wrote a letter to  the Florida State Police and gave a description of the Trooper that he had interacted with because he wanted it known  by the State what type of man that they had working for them.

He wrote in part:

“It bought me to tears because when the people I depended on the most let me down, God still made a way,” the man wrote. “I have never met anyone in my 25 year lifetime that could Care so much about another human beings wellbeing enough that they would do that for me.” “I just want to thank him for not only helping me home, but for changing my heart towards people, and making me believe in law enforcement,” “Thank you thank you thank you, to a true American hero…….. From a grateful American!”

In a statement, Florida State Police said that through his actions, Hicks displayed “one of the most important qualifies a police officer must have, compassion.”

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Terence Hicks
Florida State Trooper Terence Hicks

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Photo Credit: Local 10

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