Durham, N.C. Police Officer M.S. Supernaw Help Disabled man

Durham NC Officer helps disabled man after responding to complaint of trespass

Durham, N.C. Police Officer M.S. Supernaw responded to a call of trespassing but did not just assume that the person was in the wrong. He assessed the situation and then fixed the problem. As reported on the Durham Police Department’s Facebook page Officer Supernaw and his partner B.K. Gardner went above and beyond. 

Durham Police Department

What started as a simple trespassing call at a shopping center turned out to be much more for Officer M.S. Supernaw last Friday. When Squad 2-C Officers Supernaw and B.K. Gardner arrived at the shopping center, they met a middle-aged disabled man who had come to the shopping center to buy a pair of shoes for his mother. The man had been trespassed from the shopping center and was saddened to learn that he couldn’t buy the shoes. Officer Supernaw found out that Fashion Avenue on North Roxboro Street had the shoes the man wished to buy and drove him to the store. The store wasn’t open yet so Officer Supernaw waited with the man until the store opened to be sure he could find what he wanted. When the store opened, Officer Supernaw helped him pick out a pair of shoes and waited with him while the man paid for them to ensure that no one took advantage of him.

The man did not know his address and was unable to find his mother’s telephone number in his phone so Officer Supernaw provided the man with a ride and attempted to figure out where he lives. They drove down Roxboro Street until the man spotted some familiar locations and was able to tell Officer Supernaw where to turn. Officer Supernaw took him home and made sure he was safe before he left.

Thank you, Officer Supernaw for taking the extra time and effort to make a difference in a man’s life.

Durham NC Police Department Officer Supernaw
Durham, N.C. Police officer Supernaw

Photo Credit Durham Police Department

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