Jackson, Michigan Officers make a childs day and leave a big impression with a small boy.

Jackson, Michigan Officers make a childs day and leave a big impression with a small boy.

December 4, 2015 In Jackson, Michigan a woman named Cassidy Chandler  and her child had a wonderful experience with local Officers that she posted to Facebook. She wrote:

As Rohnan and I were walking out of the mall, he sees this police car outside and starts screaming of happiness.
He loves police men, fire trucks, all of it.
He even tried “yelling” at the police men! Lol
He started waving and not even two seconds later the police man rolled his window down and waved back.
The one in the driver seat shook his hand, asked him his name and then we went to the other side and Rohnan asked the one to hold him and he got out and did it! So of course I had to take a picture and he asked Rohnan if he wanted to sit in the car and you would have thought it was Christmas day for him.
They let him push buttons, take pictures and talked with him for a few minutes.
I didn’t catch their names and the one holding Rohnan had an accent like he wasn’t from Michigan, but I want to find out who they are! They were so nice and just as excited to show Rohnan the police car.
His day has been made and he is the happiest kid in the world right now!
As soon as we left Rohnan kept yelling at me saying “where the police man, I go with him in his truck!” Hahahha!
So if anyone knows who they are, I’d appreciate it.
I just want to say thank you for being the nicest to him and making his day!

These were the photos she took:

She did get quite a bit of attention as did the officers when the post went to the The City of Jackson, Michigan Facebook page. One of the officers who was driving was identified and contacted Cassidy as well as the Jackson Police Department who responded and identified both Officers.

The Officer holding Rohnana was Reserve Sgt. Frank VanGoethem and the driver of the vehicle was Officer Craid Edmondson.

Officer Edmondson received quite a few comments about what a wonderful officer he is in the comments following the pictures that were posted in the comments section.

He also responded to Cassidy and she posted what he wrote her.

Police officers are part of the Community!

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