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November 13, 2015 NYC a former K-9 is not enjoying his retirement at all. Having served since 18 months old “Buster” a Drug sniffing K-9 was recently abandoned in a kill shelter in N.Y.C..

NYPD BUSTER – A1060089

BUSTER – A1060089

When retiring Buster’s handler retired his four legged partner with him, but according to records the retired Officer has had problems of his own and can no longer care for Buster.

Now Buster is sitting in a shelter that kills animals that are unwanted after a period of time.

Please take a minute and see if you know of anyone who is able to adopt Buster. In short the person(s) best suited to buster should not have other animals. Buster does not require a lot of work being an 8 year old mature German Shephard. Though he would enjoy being walked and having some place to run and would be very happy of someone played with him.

He is said to be good with children and frankly if he was not, he wouldn’t have been able to stay with a Police Department for very long to begin with.

He has been through obedience training, and understands the words sit, stay and heel. When commanded “up” Buster jumps, when commanded “fosum” he will bite or protect, and the word “heel” signifies Buster to either let go of people or release anything in his mouth. Notes indicate he is well-behaved when left alone, has no problem being crated, is house trained and is only destructive with his toys, but never furniture or anyone’s belongings. As to his food bowl, the command “out” should be used; Buster is trained to back away from his bowl.

Taken Straight from the NYC “Four Paws Sake Rescue, NYC.” Page:


Intake condition EXAM REQ Intake Date 12/09/2015, From NY 11412, DueOut Date 12/09/2015,

Medical Behavior Evaluation BLUE
Medical Summary Scanned positive with chip # TVN0006AB1363 QRH – tail down, intense observation/focus, no aggression. M~ 8 years Ears, eyes, nose, mouth/teeth clear Coat clean – no flea dirt or parasites noted. NOSF
Weight 77.2



Buster is a German shepherd that is 8 years old. Owner received Buster when he was 18 months old as a service dog for the Police department. He has been part of the Police service dog until he turned 8 years old. Owner decided to keep Buster after retiring. However he could no longer keep him due to personal problems.


Buster has lived with children ages 4 and up. Around children he is gently and tolerant of all handling. When stranger come over the house he does not bark and allows to be petted. He becomes tense and curious around other dogs. But he never growls or barks when introduced to other dogs. Buster does not like cat and barks at the site of stray cats in the neighborhood.


Buster has been part of the Police department (for patrol, narcotics and training) as a working dog since 18 months. He has gone through obedience training. He knows the command sit, stay and heel. He knows command “UP” to jump up.  He knows the command “FOSUM” to bite or protect. He knows the command “HEEL” to let go of people or to remove things from his mouth. He has not bitten anyone in the last 10 days. He is well behaved left alone and is fine being left alone in his crate. When placing your hand in his food bowl, one must use the command “OUT”. He will back away and then you can remove his tray. The same process must be done if he has any toys or rawhide in his mouth. He has never received a bath, but is taken to the groomer to have his nails trimmed. He is destructive of his toys but not of any furniture. He is also house broken.


Buster is described as playful, friendly and mellow. His activity level is medium to low. He enjoys going to the back yard and running. He is fine being left alone in a crate. He walks nicely on the leash. And is house broken. Buster has lived with children an obedient dog. He is a described as great companion.


During intake Buster approached counselor with a wagging tail and loose body. His mouth was open and sat for treats. He took treats gently out of counselor’s hand. He walked nicely into the cage with the command “UP”.

Behavior: Experienced Home

Buster previously lived with 1 adult and children ages 4 and up. The owner stated when Buster is around children he is gently and tolerant of all handling. The owner mentioned Buster becomes tense and curious around other dogs, and he does not like cats he will bark at the site of stray cats in the neighborhood. Buster was trained as a police dog and knows several commands including basic obedience, jump, bite, release. The owner mentioned Buster can be destructive of his toys. The owner stated Buster is house broken, crate trained, has a medium activity level and well behaved when home alone. The owner describes Buster as playful, friendly and mellow.

At intake it was reported Buster has loose body posture with his tail wagging, he allowed all handling. During SAFER Buster came into the assessment room calm and relaxed, he was social and friendly towards the assessor, allowed all handling items to be conducted without issue. Buster was relaxed during the tag interaction, and during the resources portion of the assessment Buster was easy to handle when engaged with the items. While Buster showed no concerning human-directed behavior on the aggression assessment, he does appear uncomfortable around other dogs. Due to this as well as to his previous training with police dog commands, we recommend an experienced adopter who can safely manage Buster around other dogs and who can continue providing him with the guidance, structure, and activity. We also caution against a home with cats.

Look: 1. Dog’s eyes are averted. His ears are back, his tail is down, and he has a relaxed body posture. Dog allows head to be held loosely in Assessor’s cupped hands.

Sensitivity: 1. Dog stands still and accepts the touch, his eyes are averted, and his tail is in neutral position with relaxed body posture. Dog’s mouth is likely closed for at least a portion of the assessment item.

Tag: 1. Follows at end of leash, body soft.

Squeeze 1: 1. Dog does not respond at all for three seconds. His eyes are averted and his ears are relaxed.

Squeeze 2: 1. Dog does not respond at all for three seconds. His eyes are averted and his ears are relaxed.

Toy 1: 1. Dog settles down close to chew, will relinquish toy to you.

Dog-dog: 3. Dog approaches the helper dog by rushing in with his tail high, stiff body, head tall, and ears erect.

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