Heart wrenching tribute to Fallen Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent

Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent gone but never forgotten. A tribute by April Reeves

A tribute to Louisiana State Trooper Steven Vincent who is gone but never forgotten especially by his family was done by  April Reeves Photography  with some help from the Louisiana State Police.

The most touching photos of the fallen Troopers son Ethan (9) were captured by April Reeves photography that they have gone viral from several postings on social media.

The photos show exactly the emotional cost of loss and suffering that continue on that are forgotten by so many after the headlines fade away. But for the families who suffer that loss, there is no replacement, no continuing on with the next day, no business as usual.

On August 23, 2015 Near Bell City Trooper Steven Vincent was checking on a suspected drunk driver. Sadly for law Enforcement officers this is a pretty routine call, but then again, all Law Enforcement Officers know that no call is routine.

The Trooper found a vehicle matching the reported suspected reckless driver in a ditch and approached the driver who he spoke with. He ordered the driver from the vehicle who did exit it and then produced a sawed off shotgun which he had concealed and shot the Trooper in the head.

As Trooper Vincent lay on the ground mortally wounded the suspect taunted the dying Trooper. Passing motorists saw what had occurred and intervened but it was too late. Although they had apprehended the murder A Louisiana State Trooper was dead, Ethan had been left without a father and Katherine without a husband.

April Reeves posted the photographs that she had taken of Ethan on Social media stating:

“As promised, I wanted to share more images of Ethan with his father’s hat and flag. I truly hope that when he is older he is as happy to have these treasures as I was to capture them for him. This child is amazing, strong, and so very proud of his dad. There is something about the way he lit up when talking about his dad and the pride radiated from him when he placed that hat on his head.

As requested before, please like, comment, and share to spread the love for this sweet boy who lost his hero. To Trooper Steven Vincent…‪#‎hislifemattered ‪#‎morethanabadge

Special thanks to Louisiana State Police Troop D for the support that they gave to me to make a couple of these images come to life from just an idea that I had in my head. I am so grateful to all of you for putting your life on the line for all of us every single day.

Finally, prayers for Ethan and his mom.”

Here are just some of the amazing photos that April created in tribute to Trooper Vincent who will never be forgotten. To see the rest please visit April Reeves Facebook page.

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