Marysville, Ca. Police Chief Aaron Easton “an awesome, awesome man”

Marysville, Ca. Chief of Police Aaron Easton learned of a family that was down on their luck and had hit some very hard times. Easton had become a Police officer in his words “to have moments where I can actually help somebody out”. So that is exactly what he did in a BIG way.

Tim and Jessica Conn have been struggling to get by daily. Jessica has medical problems and Tim has been looking for a job all of them have been homeless.

While trying to negotiate a price for a more reliable vehicle the transmission on their current vehicle died right in the driveway of the man that they were negotiating with. To make matters worse they couldn’t afford the discounted vehicle.

Jessica Conn posted about that misfortune on social media and Chief Easton read that post and felt drawn to help the family.

He himself having just suffered the loss of his wife several months ago sat down with each of his children and spoke with them about giving up their Christmas budget and purchasing a vehicle for a less fortunate family in need that they didn’t even know. All of  the children agreed it was better to pay it forward.

“To their credit I have some great kids and all of them said, ‘Absolutely. Let’s help this family out.” Easton said. “I think this story shows they’ve really inherited their mom’s compassion and love for others,” he said.

The Conn family was gifted with a vehicle and were in disbelief and grateful “It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it,” Tim Conn said. “My wife, when we first met (Aaron), cried on his shoulder. We call him our guardian angel. My kids are my life. And Aaron helped me provide for my kids.”

The children have been walking two and a half miles to school every day and that has been particularly worrisome to the Conn’s who have been afraid that teh children who are ages 7 & 8 would become sick from walking in the incriminate weather.

The Chief also invited the Children to walk in the Marysville Christmas parade with him and posted a photo of them together on the Departments Facebook page.

Thanks to Chief Aaron Easton and his family Tim, Jessica and their two children have been given a wonderful gift for a new beginning. Chief Easton was certainly able to help 4 people out in a big way in a time most needed. And we agree with Tim Conn who stated “Aaron has restored my faith in believing in fate — fate and faith, his mom and dad raised an awesome, awesome man.”


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