NYNY Police Officer calms Autistic Man in distress at Freedom Tower with a hug

From the NYPD Facebook page

Day in, day out, NYPD police officers are dedicated to stopping criminals, preventing terrorism, and working together with the community to continue keeping New York City safe. When people are in need and are in a crisis, our go-to tools are respect and empathy.
Here’s just one example of the work our men and women do every single day. The following was passed along to us after it was posted on social media:
Last night my wife’s best friend visited the Freedom Tower with a group of children with autism. Her 20 year-old autistic son had a bit of a meltdown and was laying on the ground when an NYPD Officer came over to assess the commotion. He immediately recognized the situation and said hello to the young man. The young-man happens to love cops, looked up, saw him and calmed down.
He said to the officer “cops help keep people safe.” The police officer replied, I have a gift for you if you promise to “help keep people safe too.” He then handed these patches to him. Thanks to the brother who helped out so beautifully!! PS The mom is framing the patches and hanging them on his wall!
The mom told the boy to shake the officer’s hand but the officer said how about a hug instead!

Read more about how the NYPD helps people in crisis here: http://nypdnews.com/2015/10/promoting-empathy-deescalation-in-crisis-situations/

Another story regarding the NYPD’s Training of handling people in crisis can be found here http://bigstory.ap.org/article/8977d3646c6d4ffb9e0f423e295e20a7/actors-mentally-ill-aid-nyc-police-training-meant-calm


It is wonderful that N.Y.’s finest are being trained to work at recognizing and handling people on all different levels. They should be commended for their tireless efforts, professionalism and dedication to the public that they serve. Too often an instance will get out of hand and become some target for massive publicity. But considering the volume of calls and people that have daily contact with the N.Y.P.D. the negative stories are vastly outweighed by the great things that are done everyday without mention by members of the Department.

Take a minute to stop and thank an Officer, they are everywhere watching over you and your loved ones, ready to do what ever needs to be done to serve and protect you.


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