Jamestown, N.Y. Jamestown Police Sgt. Robert Bender Community Policing 101

On December 2, 2015 Alicia Newhouse Posted on her facebook account a video showing the following:


She wrote:

This nice officer stopped yesterday and starting playing catch with my son Michael at Bush School. I did not get his name but it was very cool to see. I have found out through this video being shared that the police officers name is SGT. Rob Bender of the Jamestown Police Department. Thank you sir for taking time out of your day to play catch with my son he loves football and has played for 2 years as a SouthSide Blue Devil. You made his night by stopping. He has had a ruff couple months with my health issues he has watched his mom have seizure’s and be taken by ambulance and then me not knowing who he is. Has been a lot for this young man to witness. You Mr. Bender knew nothing of this when you stopped that day and you stopping meant more to him then you will ever know.

This is Community Policing 101. Thanks Sgt. Bender for the lesson to us all.

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