Ridley, Pa. Police Officer Corporal Jason McDevitt brings Christmas Miracle

December 3, 2015 Ridley, Pa. Police Officer Corporal Jason McDevitt found Eleanor Gehret along with her daughter, Jennifer and their two pets a god and cat shivering, wet, hungry, thirsty while being exposed to the elements for two days in a parking lot. Jennifer is suffering from serious medical problems already and the mother and daughter had just been evicted from their home. With no place to go and no funds the future looked very bleak.

Officer McDevitt returned to the two women in short order with hot soup to feed the two and an even warmer heart full of ideas and hope. This is after all the season of giving and miracles. “She was dying for something to eat, her lips were chapped,” Corporal McDevitt told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter.

“It was very cold, and very wet, I was upset my dog was shivering and I didn’t know how to keep him warm,” Gehret explained.

McDivitt fund the mother, daughter and two animals temporary shelter in a motel that was close for a couple days as a temporary solution and then set about making a Christmas miracle happen.

McDevitt brought the plight of the two people to the attention of residents of the Township and within 24 hours gifts came pouring in. Money was raised totaling over $10,000, food was donated along with gift cards, water and other goods. A check was even presented to the pair for $6,800.00 to ensure that they had a good head start on getting back on their feet. Now they could move back into their old residence as they searched for more permanent solutions.

As Eleanor Gehret hugged the Corporal with tears in her eyes, she explained, “Jen kept asking me about Christmas. I said I don’t think were gonna do Christmas. I don’t want to think about Christmas, I don’t care about Christmas. Now she’s going to have the best one in years.”

“This is one major miracle,” Gehret concluded, “because I never thought anything like this would happen.Thank you, again, everybody.”

A go fund me page has been set up to assist Eleanor and Jennifer Gehret here https://www.gofundme.com/homeless-disabled where you can donate to them if you are so inclined.

Police Officer Jason McDevitt with Eleanor Gehret and her daughter, Jennifer
Police Officer Jason McDevitt with Eleanor Gehret and her daughter, Jennifer



This story was compiled from several sources including CBS Philly


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