Hammond, La. Officer Timothy Bachot recovers the spirit of Christmas

December 3, 2015 Hammond, La. Officer Timothy Bachot was patrolling around Hayden Village in the Rosewood subdivision known to be a primarily low income area that is full of kids. Officers take extra shifts in that area to ensure the children’s safety. Officer Bachot stopped to talk to two young boys, one of which was skating on one roller skate with his friend and they struck up a very good conversation that would lead to a wonderful turn of events.

Officer Bachot told ABC News  “They talked to me and told me they wanted to be police officers,” Bachot said. “I thought it was cool. You rarely have kids in impoverished neighborhoods that want to talk to the police.”

With the Christmas season rolling around and considering the tender age of the two boys Officer Bachot stated “I did ask if they were naughty or nice and, of course, every kid is just as nice as can be for Santa,” Bachot said. “They told me they went to school and were doing well.”

Officer Bachet went to the Local Walmart and made a purchase for the two boys. He picked up two brand new bicycles since that is what the boys had expressed such an interest in. The officer had been grateful that the boys had appreciated him and had in fact wanted to be like him.

When he returned one boy was still there but the other had left to be replaced by the first boys sibling who was to get very lucky and be blessed with a bike for a Christmas present. 10-year-old Gwendolyn and nine-year-old Anthony Alexander couldn’t have been luckier or happier.

Not only was the little boy ecstatic to see the kind officer twice in one day but his face lit up twice as big when he saw the bikes in the back of the patrol car. “I told him I spoke to Santa and Santa gave me an early Christmas present for him,” Bachot said. “When he looked in the backseat, he saw the bikes and asked if it was for him and I said, ‘Yeah.’ He was so excited.”

Officer Bachot did bring the bikes to the children’s residence and told the kids mother that the bikes were a present from “a friend” just so that the children’s mother Christy Brown wouldn’t think that the kids had taken the bikes without permission.

“I would like to give [the officer] a hug and thank him because I wasn’t able to afford a bike even though that’s what they wanted,” Brown said.

Brown said she lost the Christmas spirit after her mother died in 2000, but Officer Bachot brought it back.

“I would maybe get them one or two toys because I was missing that piece, but to see that tear from my daughter’s eye made me see that’s what Christmas is really all about,” Brown said. “She said she wished her grandma was here to see the policeman give her the bike.” and that as far as Anthony was concerned “you can’t get him off the bike.”

Since meeting the two Alexander boys Officer Bachot has set up a GoFundMe page located here: https://www.gofundme.com/jzcc9y9p They hope to raise $5,000 but have a long way to go. If you can contribute to the cause I am sure that Officer Bachet and the Hammond Local 345 Police Union would be greatly appreciative along with all the children that they would be serving.

Hammond , La. Officer Timothy Bachot gave siblings Gwendolyn and Anthony bicycles
Hammond , La. Officer Timothy Bachot gave siblings Gwendolyn and Anthony bicycles

Photo Credit: Hammond Police Department



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