Bangor Maine Police Department – They call him, “Jeff” We call him “Aki”

December 3, 2015 From the Bangor Maine Police Department Facebook Page

They call him, Jeff. We call him Aki, and this might be my favorite story of the year.

Thanks to a caring and insightful hotline, crisis worker, “Jeff” has helped these kids through a tough time. You see, Mom needed assistance and the kids needed strength.

The kids were given a choice of who they wanted to “watch” them while momma was in the hospital, a police officer or an angel dog. They chose an angel dog. So would I. They chose Aki….but they named him Jeff. Obviously, the kids had other adult supervision, but their protector was Jeff. The imagination of a child can keep them calm in times of trouble.

I will let mom tell you the story. Moms always do it best.

“ok so my friend (Audrey) introduced “Jeff” AKA Aki to my children one night when I was on my way to the hospital my kids were hysterical and she happened to be on the phone with them at the time. She told them that they could send a police officer or an angel dog to stay with them while I was in the hospital. They chose the angel dog (Aki) Audrey told them that he was invisible and that he was right here with them and wouldn’t let anyone hurt them and if they did Jeff would call all his other police dog angels in. “Jeff” has never left out house since that day. He is talked about daily and my daughter even believes that Jeff woke her up to by licking her to play. They leave treats out for Jeff when we give our dogs treats. He/She has been an inspiration to our family and we will always be thankful for that.”

Mom discovered that Aki (Jeff) was a Bangor Police Department K9. She sent me this note today. She asked that we send her kids a portrait of Aki and I will. I asked her to send a picture of the kids and she did.

The kids wanted to send their piggy bank proceeds to buy Aki a vest. I told them that nice people have already purchased Aki’s vest so they should save their money.

Mom was delightful to talk to and shared the photo with us.

Laveigha, Kayson (with smile that is wider than he is tall) and Brianna. We are so happy that Aki was able to help them through that time and continues to do so to this day..

So, when you are thinking that all the good people have gone missing and the world is in complete upheaval, think of this story. Think of a creative crisis worker and some scared, cute kids from Michigan and a dog named Aki….I mean…Jeff, from Maine.

The men and women of the Bangor Police Department will be here.

P.S. I am sending Laveigha, Kayson and Brianna some Bangor Police Department Duck of Justice tee shirts. I am a sucker for a good story.

Laveigha, Kayson (with smile that is wider than he is tall) and Brianna
Laveigha, Kayson (with smile that is wider than he is tall) and Brianna
They call him, Jeff. We call him Aki
They call him, Jeff. We call him Aki

Photos credit: Facebook

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