Guilford County, N.C. Deputy Johnson Makes a great impression on a traffic stop

December 5, 2015 On December 4, 2015 this was posted to Instagram. I don’t know what could be added to or taken away from this story that was shared by a user. It shows the warm nature of Deputy Johnson and why he does the job. A fine example of The Blue!

So I have an awesome story for you guys. I was traveling home from Summerfield tonight around midnight with Olive. We had been at my old Nursing Director’s house decorating her Christmas tree. When I left she told me to be careful and watch for deer. These Summerfield back country roads are curvy and oh so dark. I was following my GPS, driving slow and even stopped at a split in the road where there wasn’t a stop sign. There were headlights behind me but I didn’t know it was a cop. He turned his lights on and I pulled over… He came to my window and asked if I was lost ( and to make sure I hadn’t been drinking ). I told him I was trying to get back home and wasn’t from the area. He gave me better directions and then saw Olive… He talked to her, then asked if she liked to color. She said yes so he went to his car and brought her back a coloring book, a ruler and stickers. I told him it’s not everyday you get pulled and get a coloring book instead of a ticket !πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Olive then decided she needed to potty… (Perfect timing of course). I asked him if he minded standing out there watching out for us while she used her potty in the back of my SUV… He didn’t mind at all. After all of this I hugged him and said Thank you and he wished me a Merry Christmas. I told him we needed a picture with him because officers need to be praised and appreciated more often. He thanked me and smiled for a pic. Officer Johnson you may never see this but I hope you do… You have left a wonderful impression on my daughter and I appreciate all you do for Guilford County. Tonight before bed we said a special prayer for you and your safety. Thanks again.

Guilford County Sheriff's Office Deputy Johnson with his new found friend Olive
Guilford County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Johnson with his new found friend Olive


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