Columbus, Miss. Officer and Firefighter save woman from burning building

Columbus Miss. On December 3, 2015 at 8:30 P.M. Officer Officer Mo Eguries and Battalion Chief J. R. Lancaster of Columbus arrived at Crest Apartments at 601 5th Avenue North to find an apartment billowing with smoke and shots for help from within. They were told that there may still be a woman insidet he apartment. Without any thought for their own safety the officer and firefighter rushed forward.

They gained entry by breaking the door down and found that there was a fire within the apartment that was being fuled by a couch. Thick soot was covering the air and flames were growing while a woman was unable to extricate herself from the apartment.

The two men took the woman by the shoulders and brought her safely from the burning apartment and transported to Baptist Golden Triangle Hospital where she was treated for burns to her hands.

Officer Eguries stated that he is not a hero though. He was interviewed by WTVA and stated: “The citizens expect us to serve and protect them at all times. When you are faced with adversity we are expected to react. I did what I think everybody else would do, there was somebody inside who was crying for help so I did what I had to do,”


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