Pocatello, Id. Police Officer Jordan Johnson Pays it forward to Homeless man

December 2, 2015 Pocatello, Id. As reported by (6KPVI) a bystander was taken by the generosity of an Officer he witnessed and wanted to share the story because he was touched by it. Matthew Tsakrios witnessed an interaction at about 7:00 A.M. in front of the Greater Pocatello Senior’s Center between a homeless man and a Police Officer that he recorded then shared.

“He (The Officer) just rolled up to this uh homeless guy making sure he’s alright. He’s outside sleeping, making sure he didn’t have any frost bite.”

Tsakrios says, “He was sleeping in a sleeping bag that’s all he had, and it wasn’t a good sleeping bag.” noting that it was only about 3 degrees outside.

The Officer that was notified was Jordan Johnson who was later interviewed but didn’t know that his act of kindness had been witnessed. Jordan stated “I thought he could probably use something. I don’t know the last time he ate was or anything else. I grabbed whatever hot food they had there; they had the little things on the rollers, and a big thing of hot chocolate.”

Jordan is a 9 year veteran oft he Police Department and stated  “It was more of a person to person moment. It felt like the right thing to do.” “He’s someone’s son, I don’t know, I didn’t ask him too much but he may be someone’s dad, husband, someone’s uncle, grandpa. I don’t know. It’s the right thing to do. He’s another person,” said Johnson.

With recent tension between police officers and communities around the country, Johnson says it’s important to remember that cops are human too. “The image can stop at the uniform, but underneath it, were people too. When we see someone going through something we feel for them.”

Johnson says he hasn’t seen the homeless man since Monday morning. The Aid for Friends shelter currently full, representatives say when it gets below 10 degrees people can go to the First Baptist Church on Arthur Street for shelter.


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