Pequannock, N.J. Officer falsely accused of Pointing weapon at violator after giving her a break!

October 15, 2015 Pequannock, N.J. Officer Daniel Caffrey a 12 year veteran of the Pequannock Police Department made a routine traffic stop of a 50 year old woman named Hyacinth Peccoo for passing a stop sign at Lincoln Park Road and Oak Avenue. Although the Officer gave Peccoo a break and gave her a lesser summons for failing to change the address on her driver’s license, which resulted in a $29 ticket without any points instead of the failure to stop at a stop sign which would have been an $85 ticket with two points on her license. However no good deed goes unpunished.

On October 28, 2015 Peccoo  paid the ticket then headed straight to the Police Department and made a complaint with the Department’s “Internal Affairs officer, Detective Lt. Michael Fairweather, and alleged that Caffrey had yelled at her, pointed his gun at her and that she had asked Caffrey if he was going to kill her in broad daylight.” According to

The internal Affairs Detective took her statement and recorded her giving it both with audio and video as she did so. Lt. Fairweather then did what I.A. does and got to the bottom of the situation and the easiest way to do so was to pull the dash camera footage of the original stop in question.

Fairweather and Peccoo then watched the six-minute video of the motor vehicle stop from the police car’s video system. The video shows that Caffrey never yelled at Peccoo and never removed his gun from its holster.

“It was a completely amicable, easygoing traffic stop,” Capt. Christopher DePuyt told “This is one of those cases where it’s: thank God for the video,” DePuyt said, saying Peccoo made her report “purely out of revenge.” “She made the whole thing up,” he said, adding “We really have enough to worry about.”

Peccoo who is from Irvington was charged with making a false report to law enforcement and the case has been forwarded to the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office. She is to appear in court on December 14, 2015.

Hyacinth Peccoo Arrested by Pequannock, N.J. Police Dept for making a false report to law enforcement
Hyacinth Peccoo Arrested by Pequannock, N.J. Police Dept for making a false report to law enforcement
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