Fort Wayne, In. Officer Ricky Howard ties a shoe and tugs at heart

November 26, 2015 Fort Wayne, In. While on routine patrol during an ordinary day Officer Rickey Howard did what he has done for 29 years as he protected and served the citizens of Fort Wayne. He stopped and talked with some of the residents, this time a small boy. But unlike so many other times what happened next drew a lot of attention.

It was a simple conversation between the officer and the child, the type that happens everyday. Officer Howard recounted that he had seen the boy running around on Thanksgiving and told WHNT “He basically was running and his shoes weren’t tied and I said, ‘hey little man, you need to tie your shoes,’ he said, ‘I don’t know how’ and I said, ‘do you want me to do it?’ and he got real happy about it, said ‘yeah’, I got out, tied his shoes and I left, that’s it.”

Although he didn’t know it, the moment that he was tying the child’s shoe he was being watched by Melissa Caballero who snapped a photo of the interaction and posted it to her Facebook page with the message as follows:

Today a fwpd officer was driving around. He rolled down his window and talked to a few kids and noticed one had a shoe that was untied. The cop said something about the shoe (I wasn’t close enough to hear but the officer was pointing at the shoe). The cop then got out of his car and tied the little boy’s shoe. Thank you officer for showing our youth that cops aren’t always the bad guys they are made out to be! ( Fort Wayne, Indiana 11/26/2015)

Officer Howard told WHNT  “You get to know basically everybody out there, kids love cops, so this is what we do,” said Howard. “It was a good thing, I guess, with all the negativity going on.”

Officer Rickey Howard’s wife Freta was also interviewed who said “He’s about to go out to go out on a very high note. So, this has just made it more festive for our family,”

Fort Wayne In Officer Rickey Howard ties childs shoe
Fort Wayne In Officer Rickey Howard ties childs shoe
Photo Credit:Melissa F. Caballero


Video Credit: WHNT

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