Aurora , Co. Police Officer attempts to help motorist who tries to kill him.

November 30, 2015 Aurora, Co. While we often post wonderful stories about how Officers go above and beyond to help citizens every day many people think that the officers who help are just doing their jobs or nothing special. This story exemplifies what goes through an officers mind everyday during every encounter and rightly so.

If you are looking for a feel good story move on, if you are looking for the reality of Police Work, please read on, but be warned, I am just reporting facts.

A three year veteran of the Aurora Police Department while on routine patrol saw a vehicle on the roadway and attempted to help what he thought was a stranded motorist near the Interstate 225 off-ramp at East Alameda Avenue at approximately 3:45 a.m..

The officer called out with the vehicle as “citizen’s assist”. According to reports the Officer engaged in conversation with the driver and perhaps the occupant of the vehicle that was stranded on the roadway. After that conversation the Officer was returning to his marked patrol unit when he was attacked from behind by the passenger of the ‘stranded’ vehicle with an unknown type of object.

The officer was struck in the head with the object by his assailant leaving him with a serious head injury. The Officers assailant then took the Officers patrol vehicle while the vehicle still had it’s emergency lights activated and left the scene. The Patrol vehicle had another weapon inside it that was now in the hands of the escaped suspect. The Officer did fire his weapon at the scene and did call his dispatcher with as much information as he could including a direction of travel.

The suspects were later found and refused to surrender to Police officers after leading them in a pursuit.

One suspect was reportedly found by Officers and did display something in his hand. he was told several times to surrender but refused to do so. Officers did engage the suspect and he was shot and killed. The other suspect was taken into custody. There is no further information at this time.

This narrative was compiled from the following sources. CBS Denver.  9News and NBC News

The reason for this post is to display that every time an officer goes out and just helps call a tow truck, helps fix a flat tire, changes a motorists license plate, assists a stranger in anyway they are literally taking their very lives into their own hands. Yet they do it every day across our nation time and time again day after day after day.

Officers end up being assaulted, beaten, crippled, maimed and killed and yet every day we see acts of kindness that are virtually unnoticed by society because officers themselves say “well anybody would have done it in my position”.  The question is how many people would actually put themselves in their position and wear the blue?

This is the press release from Aurora Police Chief Nick Metz who stated “This was an unprovoked attack and I feel comfortable saying this was an attempted murder on my officer,”

WARNING: The video contains a GRAPHIC photo of the Officers Injury

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