Bellevue, Ne. Police Officers Shop with kids for holiday

November 30, 2015 for the 8th year straight Bellevue Police Officers shopped with more than 100 local kids for the holiday in what can only be described as a gift of service. As reported by WOWT Officers were accompanied by local firefighters and helped local kids of the area who were picked by the school district as being in need of some extra attention through financial need this year by the heroes of the municipality.

Each child was given $100.00 to buy what they wanted and spend half on necessities and half on what they wanted such as toys.

“To meet them and everything is calm and everyone is having a good time in a positive environment, it’s a whole different interaction than what we may see sometimes,” Captain David Stukenholtz told WOWT

“I’ve gotten to actually ask the cop questions I’ve always wanted to ask and I’ve always wondered what their job is like and here I am,” said 4th grader, Tanner Watson

“Things are a little tough and I just started a new job. So this makes these guys feel like they’re actually getting something that they need that I might not be able to afford, which is great,” said Manda Watson.

Bellevue Businesses and local residents donated at a fundraiser last month to make this event possible for the kids and families that needed some extra help during the holiday season.

The kids also got to see Santa and Mrs. Clause at the Shopko where the event took place as they were escorted all the way by a Police or Firefighter who often made suggestions on appropriate purchases or just on style!

There was even face painting for the kids and a lot of good old fashioned interaction between the local servants of the community and the people that they protect and truly serve.


Bellevue Holiday Heroes
Bellevue Holiday Heroes

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