Hot Springs, Ar. Police Officer buys Rx for homeless man

Reported November 25 2015 On Facebook by Lavonda Shirley a Hot Springs, Ar. Police Officer was found buying a Homeless man his prescriptions no matter the cost just to help him out. The unknown Officer paid for the prescription and didn’t mind having his photo taken as long as it was noted that Officers do this type of thing all the time. Here is her post in full:

“I have to share and please everyone else share….
For the first time EVER I was honored to witness such a good deed and on top of that he’s obviously a police officer! !!! I was sitting waiting for my aunts meds at her pharmacy and overheard this officer talk about this guy as if he had known him and wanted to pick up his meds. He then proceeded to say this guy whom is in wheelchair was on the streets begging for money for his meds….I said im sorry to interrupt but are you buying meds for someone you’ve known on the streets? He replied “no, I just meet him today and ask him why he was on the streets….the guy told him bc he needed his meds (he had a total of 8), the officer didn’t care how much (it was expensive) but he said I could take his pic and post as long as I let ppl know police do these things all the time!!!! He also told lady dont tell him who paid… heart jumped in my throat and yes I cried but I hugged him real hard and said thank you for helping someone in need without hesitation! !!! My heart is so full of warmth now!!!!! At the end the of convo the officer stated “no matter his hardships in life he has to have his medicines”….

Hot Springs Police Ar. Officer buys Rx for needy person he didn't know.
Hot Springs Police Ar. Officer buys Rx for needy person he didn’t know.

Photo Credit : Lavonda Shirley


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