Portsmouth, Ri. Officer Scott Sullivan’s 24 hour Thanksgiving walk for the needy

On Thanksgiving this year in Portsmouth< ri. Police Officer Scott Sullivan was not working nor was he enjoying a Thanksgiving dinner with his family. He was walking 24 hours straight with a purpose and mission in mind. He was walking for a cause sometimes thinking about a child when it got rough on him. The cause was for the people who are less fortunate in the community and would need help this coming Christmas.

This is the 4th year that Officer Sullivan has been walking his 24 hour marathon alone. He hopes to get donations, toys, food or even prayers for those who are less fortunate and are in desperate need of them. He stated “I’m just trying to make the world a little bit better place,” Sullivan told NBC 10 News. “I’m supposed to protect and serve. I think I’m pretty good at the protect part, the serve part is obviously the part that I like the best.”

The drive that Sullivan started 4 years ago has grown from raising just a few hundred dollars locally along with some toys to last year raising $9,000 along with much needed clothing and supplies for people in desperate times that were gifted to people in three states. Hopefully this years walk will generate even greater awareness for his mission and there will be more giving from the hearts of people who are capable of doing so.

Sullivan recalled last year one little girl who was stricken with leukemia for years. All she asked for were prayers. So Sullivan placed her request for prayers on Facebook through a video which received 28,000 views. He stated that people sent cards and letters from around the world to the little girl named Hanna and every day Hanna was able to reach into a jug that someone had made where the cards were kept and she took two cards or letters out and received the prayers that were sent to her.

Sullivan says that many people are very reluctant to receive the help that is offered but he is sure that they need it because he gets their names from other Officers, family members, schools and community leaders. What touches his heart most is when he asks children what they want and they tell him that they ask for something for their parents, like a warm blanket for their mother or a tool for their father.

“It is for the people who sometimes get forgotten and sometimes fall through the cracks through the holidays and we want to make sure that they know that someone remembers and cares. ”  “I am having one bad night so hopefully they can have one really good season” Sullivan told NBC 10 News who hopes to raise $15,000 this year through his efforts.

It should be noted that dozens of companies have supported the Officers efforts now and hopefully he will meet his goal. he stated that through his walk should he become tired or irritable all he needs to do this year is think of Hanna.

If you would like to donate to the drive it is not too late. You can make donations here at the website http://www.ppdholidaydrive.com/

Portsmouth Police Officer Scott Sullivan on his 24 hour walk
Portsmouth Police Officer Scott Sullivan on his 24 hour walk
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