Madison, Wi. Officers Kimberly Alan and Amelia Levett deliver Thanksgiving to the community

November 26, 2015 Madison, Wisconsin. Some less fortunate members of the community were wondering of they would even have a meal on their table during the holiday of Thanksgiving although The Goodman Community Center had many meals available. Transportation and delivery of the meals was not available and some residents just didn’t have the ability to pick them up to feed their families. That didn’t sit well with Officers Kimberly Alan and Amelia Levett so they did something about it.

According to Channel3000 The two Officers took 51 meals around the neighborhood using a Department vehicle and one of their own personal vehicles and delivered the meals to residents of the neighborhood who would have gone without meals if not for them.

“A lot of our residents don’t have the ability to get offsite or go out and get resources, like food,” said Kaitlyn Kuemmerlein, HUD service coordinator for the Triangle neighborhood.

The center was able to transport 81 meals around they were not able to get the remaining 51 out in time with the small staff that they had working. That is when the two officers stepped in and helped out.

“Literally, everyone was like, I don’t have a car, I don’t have the ability to get up there. I don’t know anybody that has a car,” Madison police Officer Kimberly Alan said. “A couple of people specifically said to me, ‘You know, I wouldn’t have a Thanksgiving meal without this,’ and that made a large impact,” Levett said.

“It was just a relief that I’d know that they’ll be OK for that holiday, and they won’t feel that stress of knowing everyone else in Madison is having this wonderful holiday, and that they will also be a part of that,” Alan said.

“People just say, ‘You know, it’s just good for them to do this, because they’re not too used to seeing police officers get involved with some neighborhoods.’ It’s good to be a part of the neighborhood and let people know, hey, you are part of us,” said Charles Hill, a resident of the Triangle neighborhood.

“It helps you remember why you do this job and why it’s important to continue to be here for the community,” Alan said.

Community members alerted the media about the act that the two officers had done of delivering the meals stating that Officer Alan “is always willing to help people a lot”

What could have been a sad day for some residents in the neighborhood turned into a good day that the neighbors were thankful for. Thanks to the Officers efforts, time and compassion for the community that they serve.

Madison police Officer Amelia Levett and Kimberly Alan Deliver meals to residents for Thanksgiving
Madison police Officer Amelia Levett and Kimberly Alan Deliver meals to residents for Thanksgiving
Photo Credit Channel3000

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