Los Angeles, Ca., L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy saves 7 life of month old child

November 24, 2015 Los Angeles County, Ca. Arjelia Lorenzo-Calleja was driving through L.A. County when she looked back to check on her 7 month old child named Sebastian Bernal and realized the child was not breathing. She called for emergency assistance and thankfully Deputy Erik Nava was close and responded to her urgent need for help.

Deputy Nava responded to where the child was and assessed the situation and began life saving CPR on the child immediately.

Sebastian Bernalwas reported to have been born as a premature birth with some heart problems. The child may well have perished if not for the fast actions of the Deputy and his training at the scene.

The child’s mother Arjelia Lorenzo-Calleja was naturally very thankful for the Deputies life saving assistance and stated her gratitude during a press conference that was covered by ABC7 Eyewitness News.

The Deputy who said he is not a hero “was trained properly and I paid attention more importantly, I was just in the right place at the right time.” is happy that he was able to help and stated that this is why he became a Police officer to be able to help people. Nava stated that he had also felt a personal connection to the situation as he has a 7 month old child himself and could not imagine how he would have felt had it been his own child.

LACOSO Deputy Erik Nava with Arjelia Lorenzo-Calleja and Sebastian Bernal
LACOSO Deputy Erik Nava with Arjelia Lorenzo-Calleja and Sebastian Bernal
Photo Credit ABC7

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