Beaufort, S.C. Beaufort Police 1stSgt Schmucker helps stranded motorist

November 22, 2015 Beaufort, S.C.  Mrs. Amy Neel was away from home traveling through town when she had stopped off to eat when she realized that she had lost all her identification and money in her wallet. Being from Mo. and that far away from home without any financial resources can put anyone in a panicked state of mind. She searched the streets for her lost items believing that they had been stolen or forever gone when she came upon one person who was able to help her.

She wrote a letter of thank that was posted on  the Beaufort Police Department, Beaufort, SC  Facebook page that reads as follows with a photo:

“After driving over 21 hours total to bring my sister in-law to Paris Island for her brother’s Graduation, it has been a very stressful and eventful day. We decided to go eat at Applebee’s after checking into our Hotel. [after a long wait]  Jennifer and I decided on Golden Corral next. When I went to pay for the buffet I realized my wallet was not in my bag! I quickly began searching my bag and car. It was nowhere to be found. I rushed back to Applebee’s. It hadn’t been left there or laying in the parking lot anywhere. Which caused me to full on PANIC. I must have sat it on top of my car.”

“It had my debit card (only money I had) my Military ID (my only way to get home. We live on post in Fort Leonard Wood MO) and my drivers license. We drove between Applebee’s and Golden Corral two times searching the road and didn’t see anything.”

“I was so upset and at this point crying my eyes out. I decided I was going to walk the entire way and look! About a good half way between the two places I found my Military ID laying on the sidewalk by itself. I assumed at that point someone took what they wanted and just ditched the rest. But I was happy to at least have found one thing.”

“I started walking again and I heard someone say, ‘are you Mrs. Neel?’ I looked over and it was a police officer. I immediately said ‘yes, oh my gosh please tell me you found my wallet!” He did have it! Someone seen it get ran over and everything was scattered.”

“The officer, Schmucker, I guess had been sitting there waiting to see if I would show up looking for it. I ended up realizing that my USAA debit card was missing. Officer Schmucker got his flashlight and went back into the road to find it, and actually found it!”

“I was so beyond happy that I asked him if I could hug him… which I did.”

“I told him how amazing he was and that he does make a difference and that I love the police ….like 100 times! I am just so beyond thankful for the person who seen it all and picked it up without taking one thing for themselves and for officer Schmucker being so caring and so nice.”

“If it wasn’t for him I’m not sure how I would have ever gotten my things back. Because the people who originally found it probably never would have found me or been able to return it all in time! I told Officer Schmucker I would make him Facebook Famous, so help me out and share this! Because our Law Enforcement does way too much for not enough appreciation.”

Beaufort Police Department, Beaufort, SC 1stSgt Schmucker with Amy Neel
Beaufort Police Department, Beaufort, SC 1stSgt Schmucker with Amy Neel

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