Knoxville, Tn. Deputies Body Camera clears him of false allegations

November 20, 2015 Knoxville, Tn in what is becoming more and more prevalent today body cameras worn by officers are showing that Police officers are doing their jobs properly and that their accusers are making baseless accusations often. Thankfully a reported incident was quickly put to rest in Knoxville and reported by WBIR of a woman who was arrested for DWI and accused the Officer of fondling her at her vehicle prior to her roadside sobriety checks.

In what could have been a nightmare for the officer who would have been presumed guilty until proven innocent by his department and the media his body camera showed that he had done nothing wrong at all.

On November 8, 2015 Ellen McElhinny was pulled over and believed to be driving while intoxicated. She was identified by the Deputy, given some standard field sobriety checks and arrested based upon his observations. Then she accused him of inappropriate actions not knowing that the entire encounter had been captured on video.

McElhinny told news stations that she had been violated sexually by the Deputy and they covered the story. Investigators were able to obtain body cameras from 3 of the 4 deputies who were on the scene including the arresting officer that showed that McElhinny had lied about most of the incident including giving the arresting Deputy false identification.

Her accusations could have brought charges against the Deputy bringing him to prison for up to a maximum of 8 to 12 years.

Had there been no body camera the Deputy would forever had doubt cast upon him even if he had been cleared of the charges after a laborious investigation or trial. There would always have been accusations of favoritism or a double standard and people that believed her. His reputation would have been ruined. Thankfully that did not happen in this case.

According to WBIR KCSO Chief of Administration Lee Tramel said “He is a good officer. He knows the risks involved in his job and he did his job correctly. He did absolutely nothing wrong,”




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