Alcoa, Tn.Police Officer Jay Cameron helps elderly man with acts of kindness while off duty

Alcoa, Tn. The Alcoa Police Department posted on it’s Facebook page an act of kindness performed by Officer Jay Cameron On November 20, 2015.

Cameron who was not on duty had just filled his car with gas at a local station and saw an elderly man walking about and something looked wrong about the way the man was meandering about. Cameron pulled back into the station and watched a while longer and luckily for the elderly man he did.

The elderly man approached another person in a vehicle who would have nothing to do with him. That driver shut his door and drove away apparently unwilling to engage or help the man with his problem. It was at this point that Cameron even off duty decided to see what the problem was and how he could help.

He walked up and spoke with the man not as an Officer but as one human being to another. The man was apparently distraught and Cameron found out that the man had returned from a doctors office and learned that he had sever health problems. The man had also informed Cameron that his wife had just passed away.

The gentleman needed gasoline and was proceeding home but as anyone who has lived in such circumstances probably understands the man was most likely besides himself and in a slight state of shock and depression. Cameron asked the man to pull his car closer to the pump and pumped the mans gas for him. He then paid for the gas and gave the elderly man some money to make sure that the man ate.

They also talked for a while giving the man much needed time to express himself and try to find his emotions to release them. This is the caring that marks a great Police officer, a person who understand the emotional problems that permeate every person no matter what race, age, religion or sex. We are all the same, just blood bone and feelings. This is why Good people take their oaths to help others in need and this is the pay off.

The elderly man never knew that Cameron was an Alcoa Police Officer, just someone who reached out to him when he needed it most. That is what Police officers do.

This is what was posted on the Alcoa,< Tn. Police Department Facebook Page:

They’re Not Always in Uniform

The pictures below capture a moment in time when one off-duty police officer followed his intuition that something just wasn’t right. The officer had just finished pumping some gas and just as he was about to leave he saw an elderly gentleman walking around in the parking lot. The officer turned his car back around and parked. He watched him for a few more minutes and observed the frail man approach another gentleman that was getting into a vehicle. The other gentleman ignored the older man and shut his car door in his face and went on his way. The off-duty officer decided to approach the elderly man to ask if he was lost. The older man told the officer a heart breaking story. He was not lost. He had just left his doctor’s office in Knoxville and needed a little bit of gas to continue on home. He has been told he has serious health issues and his wife had recently passed away. The off-duty officer told him to pull his car up to the gas pumps where he then proceeded to pay for as well as pump the gas into the man’s car for him. After he bought gas he didn’t turn his back on him. He stood there and talked to the elderly man. Actually, he just listened more than he talked. The older man told him how much he appreciated the help. But, that wasn’t the end of it. The off-duty officer gave the older man some cash and asked him to use it to buy himself something to eat. During this encounter the older man had no idea the person who was helping him was a police officer and this time it didn’t matter to the off-duty officer if he was being told a lie. This was just one person helping another person out. You see, police officers are human after all. A police officer’s desire to serve the community is a calling, it’s not just a job and sometimes they’ll do it even when they’re not in uniform. This police officer is Jay Cameron of the Alcoa Police Department and he is just one of the many men and women who proudly serve the citizens of Alcoa. Thank you Officer Cameron.


Alcoa Tx Officer Jay Cameron helps elderly man
Alcoa Tx Officer Jay Cameron helps elderly man

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