Cottonwood Heights, Ut. Officer Vicki Bagshaw an amazing example of Blue

On November 10, 2015 Officer Vicki Bagshaw was recognized by her municipality for the work that she does when she ‘sneaks off’ to do what she does just because she cares about people. Officer Bagshaw is a wonderful example of the type of people that make up the community of the “Thin Blue Line”.

She was recognized for two acts of late one of which no one was supposed to have known about at all.

In one case a woman named Blanche Bills who stood up in testimony before the board stated that Officer Bagshaw “She stayed with me and didn’t leave me until she knew I was OK,” The woman who was still in bandages and slings continued “Vickie is a hero in our household.” as reported by

Bills presented Bagshaw with a gift that was made in her honor as well stating “It’s because of you that my kids have their mom today.” Noting that Bagshaw had visited her numerous times after the accident to make sure that she was okay as well and telling the board that this was not part of the officers job. Bills handed it to Bagshaw saying “We had this made for you because we love you,”

Bagshaw’s Chief of Police had noted another act of compassion that she had thought he did not know about but did as well and surprised her during the ceremony with it. Chief Chief Robby Russo told members of the counsel how Bagshaw has been investigating a routine barking dog complaint one day and had encountered a 94 year old woman who was in distress in her home.

The woman was frail and in her home. Bagshaw entered the home and rendered aid to the woman who was unable to get up.

The Chief stated “And then, unbeknownst to us, whenever she had down time for the next two months, she would sneak back to that woman’s house and spend nights with her and [the woman] would tell her stories of her childhood and sing to the officer,” Russo said.

Bagshaw visited the woman everyday until the woman passed away. “It was such a wonderful act of compassion,”

Officer Bagshaw’s reaction to all of this was simply to thank the Blue line itself stating “There are a lot of things that people don’t see, It’s an amazing job and it’s nice to be able to help people.”





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