Bangor,Me. Police officers help animals in need

November 8, 2015 The Bangor Me. Police Department reached out to the Furry Friends Food Cupboard at the Eastern Area Agency on Aging…as well as the Old Town Animal Orphanage according to WABI Tv for a very worthy cause.

For many people pets are members of their families and providing for them is difficult these days. Bangor Police Officers donated time collecting food, monitary donations and cat litter to assist animals to provide for the needy ones.

This is the third annual drive that Bangor Police have held the drive and a trailer was provided by TBA.

Sgt. Tim Cotton of the Bangor Police Department was concerned that older people who have pets may not be able to feed the animals adequately because of resources being restricted yet the companionship of the animal being so essential to them is clear he stated:

“There are so many causes that deserve our time, but we can’t always focus on all of them. But this is one that is near and dear to us. The senior citizens in the area might have a pet and might have to make a choice between feeding their pet and feeding themselves. You depend on the companionship of your pets and that’s a great thing. And Old Town Animal Orphanage does a lot in the community up there,”


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