Denver Police Department Helps Navy Vet with Codes Violations

November 9, 2015 According to Corporal Scott Day the Denver Police department has had several calls to a residence over the past month regarding problems. They got to know a resident Day identified only as “Charles” who is a veteran of the U.S. Navy of the Viet Nam era.¬† Charles has problems with his health and he also has problems with his yard. It are not up to codes. But rather than cite Charles for codes violations, the Denver Police took another form of action.

Together with Josh Royball of Clutter Trucker and 5 Officers who volunteered their time, energy and equipment the people have solved at least one of Charle’s problems.

Charles had an older shed that was in violation of city codes, they removed that and re-positioned a smaller and newer shed for him after cleaning up the yard. Josh supplied the truck and the Officers supplied the labor to help the veteran who served his country. It was a way for them to give back to the community.

Without their help this project would not have reached completion as Charles had no one else to rely upon. But thanks to the officers and Josh Royball of Clutter trucker Charles will receive no further citations and he can now rest easier and be worried about one less thing.

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