Odessa, Tx. Police Officer Pricilla Patino Pays it forward to stranded motorist and kids

November 7, 2015 While on patrol Odessa, Tx. Patrol Officer Pricilla Patino happened across a woman and her children who were on the roadway and had run out of gas. Officer Patino called for another unit to stand by the motorist to ensure the safety of the woman and children as the Officer went to a local 7-11 and purchased a gas can and boutght some gas with her own money to get the family on their way again.

The Officer who assisted took the photo and posted it on Facebook without Officer Patino even knowing that it had been done. The original Post can be found here on the page of DeAnn Lopez – CBS 7 News

Interestingly enough one of the comments made by another person stated that another officer had done something similar stating. “Brenda Ford My daughter had a flat with my 2 grand daughters in car and a sheriff pulled her into a station close by, he had to of paid for it because she didn’t have money

It goes to show that Officers regularly assist people and these acts go unnoticed by in large by the community.

The original post reads:

“Check out this post an Odessa Police Officer shared on Facebook today — an act of kindness goes a long way:

Today while on patrol in Odessa, TX my sector partner and good friend Pricilla Patino saw a stranded driver on a busy road. She called me out to give her a hand and while I parked my lights behind the stranded car to make sure nobody hit her, Pricilla went to 7-11 and bought a gas can, put gas in the ladies car for her and sent the lady and her kids on their way. It took all of about 15 minutes and $5 out of Pricilla’s own pocket. She didn’t do it for praise, she didn’t even know I was taking this picture, she just saw someone who needed help and did what needed to be done. This is the kind of stuff cops do everywhere on a daily basis. All in a day’s work. Good job!

Odessa, TX Odessa Police Officer Pricilla Patino Helps stranded woman and kids
Odessa, TX Odessa Police Officer Pricilla Patino Helps stranded woman and kids

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