Kalamazoo, Mi. Police Officer Millard assists citizen after neighbor dispute ending further problem

November 5, 2015 Fall presents every day problems for residents that are bothersome like falling leaves. For some it becomes a hassle because others allow it to become more of a problem than it needs to be. It leads to neighbor disputes. That is when Police end up getting called and have to end up being the bad guy or not! In this case Officer Tim “Duck” Millard comes to the scene and cleans up a messy situation.

What started off as a neighbor dispute because of leaves being blown all over while being raked turned into an act of “wow’ as witnessed by Mr. Montrel Prude who video taped the Officer not just solving the problem but fixing it.

Millard had left the scene of the complaint after LaBarre had been trying to rake the leaves with a broken rake and returned with not one but two rakes and helped her finish the fall task.

WWMT covered the story as well and interviewed Cetiana LaBarre who said “I about dropped my…my mouth hit the floor; I was like, ‘wow,'” LaBarre said. “That was very nice, I am a middle aged woman, that was a lot of work, but it’s done and I’m happy, so, thank you officer.”

The video was postedto Facebook and Millard’s Lieutenant was made aware of the officers efforts who stated it was a reflection of the work Officer Millard does every day.

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