Los Lunas, N.M. Police Department Officer Mark Gurule provides homeless man with shoes and socks

November 4, 2015 Los Lunas, N.M. Officer Mark Gurule was dispatched to check the welfare of a man ho was sleeping near a rock off Highway 47 without any shoes or socks on. When the officer arrived he saw that the man had socks but that they were all wet and drying and that his shoes were full of holes. The officer wanted to do something to help the homeless man out.

Gurule went to a local Big 5 Sporting Goods store and explained to the clerk what had just transpired and that he was looking to try to help the man out.

He was able to return a few minutes later to the down on his luck gentleman with a clean new pair of socks and a new pair of boots that fit just right.

KOAT7 covered the story and said that the officer gave the gentleman $20.00 as well for essentials and that the officer has been looking for the man  to see how he has been doing. Just to buy him a cup of coffee and check on him, but that he has not seen him since he first encountered him.

The Los Lunas Police Department released footage of Gurule’s gift giving and it can be viewed here.

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